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Resume of Jack Barry



Jack Barry

My career in the construction industry started in 1955 in Boston.  One of my first jobs was a tunnel job "Chelsea to Deer Island" 1955 - 1956.  While I was majoring in mechanical engineering at Northeastern University, I worked in the heavy construction industry as a hoisting engineer on tunnel and highway jobs.  During the first five years, I worked for construction companies.  This experience has served me well in my career and enabled me to offer special engineering services to the contractor.

I held positions in engineering and R&D for Worthington Corp., Holyoke Division.  I worked on development of under bed power take off compressors and the development of track drills that became a major line for Worthington.  I then moved onto a position of management in the sales engineering department.  Later, I worked even closer to the end user on special engineering projects, when I was employed by one of my dealers.

This moves us into the late 60's.  I moved to California as V.P. sales for the Noble Company.  I had the opportunity to sharpen my skills regarding ventilation of standard air and high temperature gasses in that we developed dust collection systems. In the early 1970's, we started a ventilation company to serve the mining and tunneling industry.  Then, I went to the man who invented the vane axial fan, Dr. T. Troller and asked if he would work for me.  He agreed to be a consultant and suggested I contact C.L. Tinker, who had been his "right-hand man" for 30 years.  I did and, he became my V.P. of Engineering.  The next 12 years I had the opportunity to be trained in the fine art of tunnel ventilation by both men. I have designed ventilation systems and blades for some of the largest mines in the USA, such as the Henderson Mine Colorado and the Bell Isle Mine in Louisiana.  This project was approved by MSHA.  It was a 1000 HP fan job.  I have designed tunnel ventilation and noise control projects from Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Project to the Helms Pump Storage Project, to the main fire ventilation system for Grand Central Station NYC.  I have designed ventilation systems for most of the tunnel contractors in the USA.  I did special ventilation and noise control consulting work for NAVSEA and the laser weapon industry.

I have designed special blades for BART Oakland, CA, and have been an expert witness (Milwaukee, WI and Los Angeles, CA) in a tunnel cases.  Most recently, I designed the ventilation systems for eight LA Metro Projects, Boston Harbor project, San Francisco Muni tunnels, Chicago tunnels, Queens tunnel #3 NYC and have written submittals for Storm Water pollution prevention plans and Hazardous Waste removal and Contractor-Generated Waste, Noise and Vibration, Air pollution management plans.  I have been certified by the City of New York DEP as an underground sound and ventilation expert.  I have written and presented Papers at an International ventilation congress.

I was one of the founding fathers of the ventilation group within The Society of Mining Engineers.  I have been a guest speaker at Universities and the Bureau of Mines safety school always speaking on underground safety and ventilation.



Ventilation and Sound Mitigation Projects

The Deer Island tunnel inter-Island tunnel - S.A. Healy Co./ Modern Continental (1994)

The Bird Island Flats tunnel project - Modern Continental /Obayashi. (1994)

Atlantic Avenue project Boston I-90 / I-93 - Perini / Kiewit /Chashman (1996 - Present)

Seabrook, NH Tunnels for nuclear power plant - Morrison Knudsen Company, Inc. (1977-1978)

MTA Subway tunnels in Cambridge, MA - Morrison Knudsen Company, Inc. (1979)

Deep water Tunnel project Chicago, IL, 14 projects ranging from 1977 To present

Perini/ICA/O&G. T.R.A.P.

The most current project being a 9-mile long 30' diameter tunnel with many shafts, all located in a residential area. Designed and supplied all the ventilation and sound mitigation equipment.

Los Angeles Ca. Metro rail Red line projects designed and supplied equipment (1990 to Present)

Contractors: Tutor-Saliba, Kajima/Ray Wilson, Kiewit/Shea, Malcom Drilling, KKK, Herzog.

McArthur Park tunnels

MTA Sink Hole project L.A.

Wiltshire & Normandy tunnels & station

San Francisco Muni tunnel

Vermont Station the longest and deepest in the system

Vermont and Beverly

Track welding project Hollywood

Sunset and Vermont station

Western tunnels and station

Highland Station

Kaiser Hospital project

Hollywood & Vine Station

Boston I-93 project I am working for four different contractors

Perini (PKS)

Modern Continental Obayashi C I 7A2

Jay Cashman Kiewit Atkinson, JV

Modern Continental C19El

J.F. Shea MVVD Boston Project noise control

Stone & Webster Boston

North Hollywood Station and turn around

For the above projects I provided all of the sound mitigation design and equipment for the underground and all the above ground site noise control. Plus writing the noise control submittal. (1990 to present).

Foot note: MTA Red Line Noise control submittal were done so well that the (owner rep.) Parsons - Dillingham sent copies out to all contractors instructing them to follow my example.

New York City: I have been certified by the City of New York DEP as an underground sound and ventilation expert.

Water tunnel #3 NYC Provided all the sound mitigation and equipment for this 23'diameter 27,000' tunnel. Environmental Energy Associates, Inc. / Grove Tunneling, (1995 to present)

The Chelsea shaft Chelsea, NY project. Frontier - Kemper Constructors, Inc. (1996 to present).

New Mount Gold Company Carlin, NV Supplied main mine ventilation and designed sound mitigation equipment for booster fans underground. (1996 to present)

The Croton aqueduct re-hab project designed and supplied thesound mitigation equipment. Frontier - Kemper Constructors,Inc. (1997)

Malcom Drilling, Company, California. Designed sound mitigation equipment for many intercity projects and supplied equipment. (1995 - 1996)

NAVSEA special sound mitigation program for nuclear submarines much of the testing was done by me at the Naval David Taylor R&D Center located in Maryland. This was a three-year contract which lead into a program for the surface ships.(1979 to 1982).


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