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Jack Barry & Associates, Inc. offers a combination of services which encompass more than forty years experience in the construction, tunneling, mining, and industrial industries.

All of the above are closely related to ventilation and noise control.  The products we offer for sale are all state of the art, for example, Chicago Blower design 47 vaneaxial fans (see Ventilation History).  Noise control products are KH Acoustics with manufacturing plants throughout the U.S.  We engineer every system.  We don't guess at the solution to your problems.  We engineer and design our systems and stand behind them.

SOUND ATTENUATION DESIGN IS ONE OF OUR STRONG SUITS.  We have designed sound control systems for tunnel projects above and below grade, nuclear submarines, office buildings, mobile cranes and many other types of construction equipment.

WE DESIGN MINE AND TUNNEL VENTILATION and will give you the true and complete system, resistance from the face to exit, or we will review your ventilation design and make suggestions where required, and see that it meets code.  We will design ventilation for your TBM or TSM to include wet or dry dust collection systems.  When Jack Barry & Associates, Inc. designs the whole system, you have only one source of responsibility.


We offer a complete line of:

bulletVentilation equipment from the smallest fans and blowers to the very large mine fans
bulletDust control wet scrubbers to bag houses and fogger nozzles
bulletKH Acoustics sound traps and sound control rooms
bulletSound Seal barrier walls, flexible noise control, quilted blankets and drive through barriers
bulletMorgen concrete pumps, trailer and boom pumps

WHETHER YOU NEED A VENTILATION OR NOISE CONTROL SUBMITTAL we will save you time and money by taking the specifications and putting together a package that will be accepted the first time.


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